2017-18 Professional Development Stipend and Award Recipients

Alexander's Rollie Pollie Playcare

Alexander, Amber


Always a Caring Hand

Gatto, Wendy


Amy's Play Care

Wasley, Amy


Ananda Living Wisdom Preschool

Horsfall, Joy


Babies and Beyond

Wells, Darlene

Brenda's Child Care

Frey, Brenda

Deanna Summer Family Child Care 

Summer, Deanna

Discovery Preschool and Daycare Center

Gwerder, Janine

Kuehne, Kirsten

 Wood, Patty

Evergreen Circle Play

Morgan, Kristi

Gramma's House

Gethings, Ruthann

Grass Valley Little Learners

Bauer, Geselle

Jokkel, Nancy

MIller, Whitney

Viola, Carol

GVSD Afterschool

Hobbs, Cori

Smith, Joyce

Karen's Child Care

Bonomolo, Gianna

Rohde, Karen

Rohde, Kayla

Kentucky Flat Community Preschool

Norris, Jen

Kids Stuff Child Care & Early Learning

Carolyn Tate

Jackson, Lisa

Martinez, Tom

Kinderland Infant Center, Inc.

Aquilar, Sarah

Fox, Susan

Helgeson, Angie

Jorgenson, Jamie

Peterson, Lupe

Kinderland Preschool, Inc.

Crowe, Wendy

Ferriol, Deana

Hodges, Cambria

Menet, Dodie

Reid, Sharon

Scola, Katrina

Little Creek Preschool

Burk, Lisa

Little Friends Child Development Center

Christensen, Bonnie

Christensen, Susan

Colbert, Chelsea

Davis, Karen

Fraser, Kristin

Herzog, Elizabeth

Oviatt, Brittany

Sartori, Jamie

Turner, Diane

Widing, Lauren

Wilkins, Sherry


Little Leapers Child Care

Feightner, Dawn

Foster, Sharra


Little Rascals

Gilbert, Lauren


Lovejoy Play School

Lovejoy, Gina


Lucero's Day Care

Maulsoff, Lucero


Monalee Prek

Chatigny, Delia

Keeney, Kim 

Mcclain, Courtney

Reiswig, Kathleen

Smith, Tami

Walters, Janet


Montessori House of Children

Boundy, Sherry


Nevada City Club Preschool

Aubuchon, Noelle Black

Tillisch, Kathy

Quality is the new standard for early child care and education, and Nevada County is reaching for gold!

On Saturday, July 28th 2018, the Child Care Coordinating Council in partnership with First 5 Nevada County gathered and celebrated early childhood educators.  Lindsay Dunckel, First 5 Nevada County Executive Director states, “These are the local heroes; they are helping to build the foundation that will underpin all the future development.”


Distinguished guests at the local, regional and state level attended our celebration to honor the outstanding group of educators participating in EQM for the difference they make in the lives of children and the well-being of our community.  


First 5 CA Executive Director, Camille Mabens served as Keynote Speaker and Cheri West Deputy Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Brian Dahle were also in attendance and provided Certificate of Recognition from the State Assembly for all educators participating in EQM.


The EQM celebration also served to recognize participating early childhood educators’ commitment in advancing their professional development and aiming for excellence in the care and education of young children. 

Recognizing early care educators participating in EQM is important because because eighty percent of high quality early childhood programs is realized because of the workforce. If early childhood programs are to prepare California’s youngest learners for academic success, the state needs a workforce that is prepared, supported, and compensated for this complex work.

To build a true profession for teachers we need to invest in early care educators and we need them to continue to lead the way.

Above (top left): Family Child Care Providers including Karen Rhode of Karen's Child Care, Lauren Gilbert of Little Rascals, Sarah Van Liew of Small Wonders Child Care with Baby Carter discuss multi-sensory experiences that create and strengthen communication pathways in children’s brains. Young children’s brains are highly malleable; thus, early experiences have a big impact on their brain development.

(Left) Kinderland Infant Center Teacher, Jamie Jorgenson and Nevada City Club Preschool Teacher Kathy Tillisch (right) design meaningful, culturally appropriate, and accessible play activities, as measured by child care quality assessment tools, “CLASS™” and the  “Environmental Rating Scales." 

Our Kids Place

Douglas, Julie

Nicholson, Nicole

Pool, Rachael

Romero Ortiz, Iveth Adriana

Smith, Andi

Wahl, Angel


Partnership Preschool @ TKM

Davies, Colette


Sierra College Child Dev. Center Partnership Preschool

OLeary, Sherry

Asbridge, Nicole

Borden, Angelina

Calderon, Joellyn

Foss, Katie

Maldonado, Kayla

Mashburn, Stephanie

Newell, Deborah

Rubalcava, Concepcion

Best, Morgan


Small Wonders Child Care

Daugherty, Stephanie

Van Liew, Sarah



Cannon, Tehya

Cruz, Malissa

Karvonen, Amanda

Taylor, Ashlie

Taylor, Jena


Tadpole Family Day Care

Heckathorn, Jaaziel

Saunders, Lina


Tahoe Forest Hospital Children's Center

Beckman, Kara

Caligiuri, Joseph Salvatore

Egan, Heidi

Heckendorn, Jenni

McIver, Heather

Pombo, Lynsey

Shurtleff, Rebekah

Tenorio, Felicia

Veliquette, Allison

Wunderlich, Gigi

Truckee Elementary Preschool

Alcaraz, Vanessa

Holt, Bobbe

Venegas, Rafaela "Delia"

Truckee Loving Care

Tester, Julie


Union Hill Elementary School District Preschool

Arter, Meridy

Benuzzi, Michaelea

Busselle, Wanda

Coker, Brianna

Gullickson, Trisha

Loper, Melissa

Loveless, Maria

Muhlbach, Lindsay

O'Keefe, Kelly

Weaver, Natalie

Quadro, Lauren

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