Child Development Staff Retention Program (AB 212)

The CRET Program (also known as AB212) is a joint effort of the California Department of Education and the Nevada County Child Care Planning Council. 


AB212 is designed to increase the retention and academic preparedness of early educators working in child development programs – centers and family child care homes – in which most of the children are subsidized by the State. 


To support this effort, AB212 and First 5 Nevada County have aligned efforts to maximize professional development opportunities, stipends and reimbursements for child care professionals working in state funded, CDE center-based programs and Family Child Care Network providers!


Stipends are made available to educators completing an Early Quality Matters Professional Development Plan. The plan is designed to inform their work with children and families, and/or contribute towards a degree in child development or a closely related field.


Reimbursements are given for costs related to professional growth, including fees for professional early childhood organization membership, specialized ECE training, child development permit fees. 

See EQM Professional Development for more information.

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