EQM Professional Development (PD) Forms and Resources

Due September 6, 2019: 
Due May 5, 2020:
(* extended to June 5th 2020 only for individuals taking Spring college courses)
  • PD Stipend Request (part 2 of 2)
  • Verification of completed activities and/or documentation (as indicated on the PD Stipend Request)
  • On-line survey completion - page TBD
  • Complete CA Workforce Registration Profile
    • To verify your profile is complete, log on to www.caregistry.org and click - My Tools and Settings, and view "Profile." For assistance, contact Lucia Stewart at lstewart@nevco.org or 530.271.0258.
    • A complete profile includes:
      • Basic Information - account, demographic profile
      • Employment - employment and employer information​
      • Education Level - directors, lead teachers and FCC providers, please submit your education credentials, permits, etc. to the Registry
Submit the PD Stipend Request Form and the required documents by:
Email: Rossnina Dort at rdort@nevco.org                         
            Lucia Stewart at lstewart@nevco.org
Mail/Drop-box at the Child Care Coordinating Council
640 East Main St #3 Grass Valley CA 95945 
(a locked dropbox is located next to the door)

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