All licensed child care programs and alternative sites serving children 0-5 years old have the opportunity to opportunity to enroll in Early Quality Matters!


Participation is voluntary and there are no enrollment fees or costs. If sites want to improve their quality, they have a variety of supports and incentives available to help them achieve high quality care.


Priority will be given to sites who serve children with high needs as defined by the following:

  • Income- Applicant cares for children from low-income families

  • Special Needs - Applicant provides services to children with special health or mental health needs or other disabilities

  • At-Risk Children who are migrant, homeless, in foster care or otherwise identified as at risk for abuse and neglect

  • Language - Applicant provides services to children from families whose primary language is not English

Programs can choose their own Step to Early Quality Matters.

Click here for more information on:

Step 1: QI

Step 2: QI-S

Step 3: QRIS

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